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Here it is! We created a Valentine's version of the Hugger House Cutter!

**The picture shows the Petite size sitting on the rim of the mug and the Small size sitting next to it.**

Hugger houses are designed to sit on the rim of a cup or bowl,(hence a notch in the front & back) but this house can also stand alone.

***Marian over at Sweetopia.net featured these in a post!  She used the Mini size. Go check it out! http://sweetopia.net/2015/01/mini-valentine-gingerbread-houses/

There are 3 different size options:

Petite - Assembled house stands approximately 1.5" tall by 1.5" wide. There are 2 configurations of this size to choose from, a cutter that cuts 3 pieces and you have to use it twice, or the cutter that cuts out all 6 pieces at the same time that you need for house assembly.

Mini - Assembled house stands approximately 2" tall by 2" wide.

Small - Assembled house stands approximately 2.5" tall by 2.5" wide.

For the cutters that only cut 3 pieces at a time, you will need to use the cutter twice to produce what you need to assemble a house.

Recipe and Assembly Instructions included.

Made out of PLA, this cutter is printed on a 3D printer.