Cookie Artist Collection Submission Information


Submission process for an original design to be made into a cookie cutter, and become part of the “Cookie Artist Collection” to be sold by The Gingerbread Cutter Company:

Submissions are open from the 1st thru the 5th of each month. A limited number of designs will be accepted each month at the discretion of The Gingerbread Cutter Company.  Any submission acts as an agreement to terms.

  • Email all submissions to: re: Design Submission
  • All images must be JPG, PNG or PDF files. Please list desired cutter dimensions.
  • Include contact information: Name, Email address, Instagram user name.

If your design is accepted into the “Cookie Artist Collection”, you will receive a cookie cutter based on your design, free of cost.  The cookie cutter will be listed for sale in the Cookie Artist Collection at, with designer recognition. 

After you receive your cookie cutter and decorate your cookie, you will need to email a picture of your cutter and decorated cookie together to be included in the cutter’s store listing within 10 days of receiving your cutter.  (Please see photo example.)

Once this is done, you will receive your own personal discount code for 10% off future purchases at  This code can be passed onto your followers as well.

Finished cookie photo example: