Welcome To My Store

  Hi!  My name is Linda and I am the owner of The Gingerbread Cutter Company!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE making gingerbread houses to give to people, and that led to me throwing gingerbread house decorating parties.  After 10 years of parties, I got a little tired of using a pizza cutter to cut the dough, and cutting out paper templates, so I went on-line to find some cutters.  The cutters I found were either too small or too expensive, so I decided to make my own.

I started with copper, which is what my house cutter set is made of, but I wanted to also make smaller cutters for accent pieces for the houses.  That's where the idea of 3d printer made cookie cutters came in.  I can make the cutters any size I want, except for very large because affordable 3d technology isn't quite there yet. :)  I have fun "outfitting" my house with trims and items to put in the yards.

I've also started making small and petite sized gingerbread houses, and am having a blast doing that!! They are so versatile to decorate!  I will be making different cutters for different seasons, because gingerbread isn't just for Christmas any more!

My little cookie cutter company has grown to include so many other shapes that I love creating!  I am especially fond of the aviation cutters that I have for sale.  I am blessed to have a go-to design guy named Carl, so if I can't make something...he definitely can.

I hope you enjoy my cutters, and if there is anything I can do, just ask!

Thank you for visiting my little store!

Happy Decorating!! - Linda