Kuvasz Head Cookie Cutter Benefitting KFA Rescue

Kuvasz Head Cookie Cutter Benefitting KFA Rescue

$ 6.00
Yes! I am a proud Kuvasz owner!! My first Kuvasz came into my life through the Kuvasz Fanciers of America Rescue group. For that, I will forever be indebted.

As with any rescue group, additional funds are always needed to help our special friends get the care they deserve while waiting to be placed into their forever homes.

The full $ amount of each Kuvasz cookie cutter sold in my Etsy store will go directly to KFA Rescue. If you would like to learn more or donate, you can go to www.kuvaszinfo.com

Cutter is approximately 3" wide x 2.75" tall.

Made out of PLA, this cutter is printed on a 3D printer.

PLA is a renewable bio-plastic made from corn. All its dyes are FDA-approved as food safe and it’s guaranteed to have no heavy metals, phthalates, or BPA


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